Thursday, October 27, 2016

The KING of Verbal Seduction Interviews Women's Sensuality Coach Amber Leitz on "The Erotic Conversationalist"

On the next episode of The Erotic Conversationalist, Alan Roger Currie a.k.a. The KING of Verbal Seduction will interview Women's Sensuality Coach, Amber Leitz

The interview is scheduled to be available on Thursday, November 3, 2016.

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Alan Roger Currie discusses Auditory Eroticism and Verbal Seduction on 'The Mars & Venus Show'

Podcast Host Kinte Ferguson and his Co-Host Rasheem recently interviewed Dating Coach Alan Roger Currie and Sensual Energy Alchemist Maisha Hudson on an episode of The Mars & Venus Show regarding the subject of 'auditory eroticism' and 'verbal seduction.'

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Lavelle Smith Hall Cancels Podcast Interview with Alan Roger Currie

Podcast Host Lavelle Smith Hall recently canceled her scheduled interview with Dating Coach Alan Roger Currie.  No further details are available at this time.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

FunClubbing 101 - The Detriments of Maintaining a Disingenuous Platonic Friendship with Members of the Opposite Sex

"FunClubbing" is a term made popular by Dating Coach Alan Roger Currie that describes a disingenuous platonic friendship between a man and a woman.

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Thursday, June 02, 2016

The Beta Male Revolution tops Amazon's "Hot New Releases" in Gender Studies

Author Alan Roger Currie's new Amazon Kindle eBook, The Beta Male Revolution: Why Many Men Have Totally Lost Interest in Marriage in Today's Society, is currently ranked as the #1 best-selling book in the category of "Gender Studies" among new book releases on

The Beta Male Revolution is Currie's first published eBook since October 2012, and is considered a 'prequel' to his other published eBooks and paperbacks.  Currie plans on releasing a paperback version later on this month as well as an audiobook version by August 1, 2016.

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The Beta Male Revolution

Friday, April 15, 2016

Katie Koestner & Amanda Blaugher Endorse The Mode One Approach

Listen to Date Rape Activist Katie Koestner endorse Dating Coach Alan Roger Currie's Mode One style of straightforward verbal communication with women.  Joining Koestner during the interview and discussion with Currie was fellow activists Tom Bissonette, Amanda Blaugher, Gordon Braxton, as well as Male Exotic Dancer Brandon Stone.

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Monday, April 11, 2016

How to Talk Dirty to Women

Alan Roger Currie a.k.a. "The King of Verbal Seduction" earns his living teaching single heterosexual men how to master the art of "erotic dirty talk" and helping men feel more comfortable engaging in sexually straightforward and erotically explicit conversations with women of interest in the very first conversation after meeting them without leaving women feeling offended or insulted. Currie's audiobook tutorial, "Oooooh ... Say it Again" has been a best-seller on since March 2015.

Many single men feel that the only way to create romantic chemistry with women of interest in the very first conversation is to be amazingly good looking, exceptionally flattering, polite, and entertaining, or boast about how much money they earn or show off an expensive luxury automobile or sports car that they may be driving. Men’s Dating Coach Alan Roger Currie says all of the factors mentioned above are highly overrated.

“Just about every woman who has ever been a long-term or short-term lover of mine in my adult life has made it a point to let me know that the number one characteristic about me that turned them on the most was my talent for ‘erotic dirty talk.’ Ever since I was in my late teens or early twenties, I have known how to talk dirty to women in a manner that would leave them incredibly aroused. As a result, for the last ten years or so, I have made a career out of teaching men how to develop that exact same talent to use in a beneficial manner for themselves,” said Currie, who also works with female clients as well as married and unmarried couples to help them add more ‘erotic spice’ to their love lives and sex lives.

Currie earns as much as $200 per hour from male clients interested in learning how to use the power of their voice and verbal communication skills to engage in conversations with new female acquaintances that transition from conventional, boring ‘small talk’ to sizzling hot ‘aural sex’ without resulting in these men being perceived by women as rude, crass, and/or blatantly disrespectful and offensive.

“That’s where the talent lies. Any man can become bold enough to express a number of sexually provocative and erotically explicit comments to women, but the key is, can they do it in a manner that leaves women turned on rather than turned off? This is my number one specialty. This is what motivates men to pay me money to become a mentor for them and tutor them effectively,” added Currie, who has an audiobook available on and entitled, Oooooh … Say it Again: Mastering the Fine Art of Verbal Seduction and Aural Sex

Currie asserts that men and women are both visual and auditory, but men tend to be turned on more by what they see, while women generally are more turned on by what they read and hear, which is why sales for erotica novels and ‘audio erotica’ oriented audiobooks marketed to women have exploded in the last ten years.

“You cannot talk to women about sex in a manner that is too crude, harsh, or misogynistic. You have to be smooth, seductive, and erotically descriptive. You have to talk to women in a manner that creates visual images in their mind and imagination. Once a woman begins visualizing what you are describing to her in her left ear with a half-whisper tone of voice, you will have her intrigued. A woman’s erotic imagination is extremely powerful,” offered Currie, who works with male and female clients via Skype, over-the-telephone, and also in face-to-face sessions.

Currie also works with female clients to help them increase their feminine energy, and to help them overcome many of their sexual inhibitions and prudish sensibilities that may be hurting their chances of maintaining an enjoyable and satisfying relationship with men of interest.

In addition, Currie advises married and unmarried couples who are looking to add what is known as ‘erotic role play’ into their marriage or romantic relationship, and incorporating BDSM and polyamory themes if that is what the couple genuinely wants to do.

Currie offers a free complimentary telephone session for women and couples who are interested in his coaching and services. Currie also is the Host of an adults only podcast program entitled 'The Erotic Conversationalist.'

Men can download Currie’s audiobook, Oooooh . . . Say it Again: Mastering the Fine Art of Verbal Seduction and Aural Sex for free when they sign up for a 30-day risk free trial subscription with

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