Thursday, February 15, 2007

Are you REALLY "friends" with her? Or are you "FunClubbing??"

Many men will say that they're "just friends" with a single, attractive woman .... but in reality, they are FunClubbing. What is "FunClubbing" you ask?

Take the "Are You FunClubbing??" Test


ChenteGT said...

Hey Alan what's up?

I only have one woman friend with whom I'm having problem expressing my REAL desires because it's been like 6 years of friendship but I've found out I truly find her sexually attractive, and she's shown the same to me too. It's just a matter of telling her directly that why are we wasting time with 'friendship' when we both really know what we want.

I'll have a weekend travel with her so I'll let you know how it goes MODE ONE!

BTW, I e-mailed you a couple of weeks ago about a problem with my amazon review not showing up but I don't know if you got the mail. Let me know please, thank you. And keep up the blog it's great info! I'd like to see more posts

Mode One Author said...

Thanks for responding!

I actually wrote about that. I have no idea why your review is not showing up.

Be "Mode One" with your female 'friend' for sure....


Mode One Author said...

I see where your review on finally showed up!!

Cool. Thank you for that lengthy, detailed, great review. MUCH appreciated.