Thursday, February 15, 2007

Have You Seen My Video Interview on Google??

Thanks to Mr. Garrard McClendon of "The McClendon Report," I have a video interview that can be found on Google Video....



Istok said...

Holy truth, sir Currie! I like the metaphore about borrowing $1000!

Speaking of videos, I've just uploaded the video of John Leslie from "Talk Dirty To Me":

He exhibits just the behaviour you described in the book. I knew about this movie even before reading Mode One. When you mentioned John Leslie as an example I was amazed!

Mode One Author said...

So you're familiar with John Leslie as "Jack" in "Talk Dirty To Me" huh??

He was one of my first, primary motivations and inspirations for writing "Mode One."

Here is an article where I state that.... CLICK HERE

Thanks for supporting me istok!