Sunday, March 25, 2007

Talk Dirty To Me ... Starring John Leslie as "Jack"

I receive a lot of questions about how the idea for my "Mode One" book first came about. There were a number of different factors that influenced my ever-changing attitudes and beliefs towards interacting with women, but if I had to single out one of the Top 2, Top 3 outside influences that inspired the development of what is now referred to as Mode One Behavior, it would definitely be the behavior of John Leslie's character of the cocky, ultra-straightforward, incorrigible womanizer named simply "Jack" in the adult-film classic Talk Dirty To Me, Talk Dirty To Me, Part II, and Nothing To Hide.

If you read this particular webpage of mine, you will see just how much influence the bold, unconventional, highly self-assured, and provocatively straightforward behavior of Leslie's "Jack" had on me as a teenager.

I even had a manager of an adult video store in Van Nuys, CA tell me that message board and blog discussions of my Mode One book resulted in a significant increase in requests for VHS and DVD copies of the above mentioned films (see related article).

The thing I tell guys about that opening verbal seduction scene in Talk Dirty To Me is that it's not Jack's X-rated candor that distinguishes his behavior as "Mode One." It is more so how totally unfazed Jack is by the female physician's harsh, subjective criticisms and insults about his moral character and perceived lack of appropriate verbal etiquette and manners.

Some of the fellas from have uploaded a portion of that opening scene from Talk Dirty To Me to such video sites as YouTube and vSocial.



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