Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dating Coach Steve "The Dean" Williams accused of slander and libel

Is it considered 'manly' for one man to publicly gossip about the activities of another man's current and/or past relationships? This is the question posed by Book Author and Talk Radio Host Alan Roger Currie after finding out that his former friend and BlogTalkRadio colleague Steve "The Dean" Williams has been spreading lies and gossip-laden remarks about Currie and his past dating relationship with his former girlfriend, Tyler Collins.

The acts of slander and libel started on the popular Attraction & Seduction Community website,, where Williams posted on the website's discussion forum about his thoughts on Currie's past relationship with Collins. Williams, who has a reputation for harshly criticizing and insulting African-American women, women who are 35 years of age or older, and single mothers, went on the attack against Currie, suggesting that Currie had 'contradicted' his Mode One philosophies and principles by pursuing Collins, who was 42 at the time and has a pre-teen daughter. "Why is Alan going after old Black women with kids?" Williams was quoted as saying on as well as other podcast interviews.

Currie, who was involved romantically with Collins off-and-on between August 2009 and June 2010, was accused by Williams on of exhibiting 'unmanly' behavior for expressing hurt after the two broke up in mid-February 2010, and later after the two broke up a second time in mid-June 2010.

Williams was formerly a friend of Currie's, with the two co-hosting a podcast program entitled, The Black Book Café from October 2006 until April 2007. Williams moved to the BlogTalkRadio Internet Radio Network in late April 2007 with a talk radio podcast program entitled Men on Dating, where Currie would act as a regular guest co-host and dating & relationships commentator.

In June 2007, Currie left Williams' program and started his own BlogTalkRadio program entitled Balls Out Talk with Mode One, which was later renamed to Upfront & Straightforward with Alan Roger Currie. Between 2008 and 2010, Currie and Williams were guests on each other's BTR talk radio podcast programs, the last time being mid-July 2010 when Williams was a featured guest on Currie's program to discuss the art of seducing women and pros and cons of the Attraction & Seduction Community.

"I can handle men or women criticizing me for something I have actually done, but don't offer criticisms and/or insults about fictitious activities, events and behavior," said Currie, referring to Williams' comments about his past relationship with Ms. Collins. "This man (Williams) is spreading lies about me, half-truths, and gross distortions about a relationship that he knows very little about. It is really sad to see someone engage in such immature gossip, and stab you in the back after initially referring to you as a 'friend.' Our former friendship is permanently severed," added Currie.

Currie has challenged Williams to 'clear the air' publicly on his talk radio show, but Williams has refused his invitation, and has avoided speaking to Currie on the phone. "I thought 'real men' talk out their differences like men, but obviously, Williams' definition of a 'real man' is totally different than mine. I have never avoided speaking to a man over-the-phone in my entire adult life. Very few men intimidate me in real life, let alone, via the telephone," said Currie.

Currie has stated that his 'beef' with Williams started in early-to-mid October 2010 when Williams expressed disappointment and frustration that he was not invited to be a featured speaker at The Direct Approach Dating Summit for Men 2010 which was held November 20 & 21, 2010 in London, England. "My question is, if Williams 'lost respect' for me because of the behavior I exhibited while in a relationship with Ms. Collins, why was he a guest on my show in mid-July 2010? Ms. Collins and I broke up for the second time in mid-June 2010. Why did he remain in communication with me (by phone and e-mail) up until early-to-mid October 2010? The truth is Williams started his 'beef' with me because he felt overlooked by the organizers of the Direct Approach Dating Summit. He was frustrated. All of his behavior, comments and actions since have been immature, fabricated, and vindictive," added Currie. "The facts speak for themselves."