Saturday, May 28, 2011

Direct Approach Dating Summit in London (November 2010): Can women handle straightforward honesty?

Book Author and Talk Radio Host Alan Roger Currie joins Attraction and Seduction Expert David X on stage during the Direct Approach Dating Summit for Men that was held in the United Kingdom on November 20-21, 2010 at the Cavendish Conference Centre in London, England.

In this clip, Currie is discussing how many single women will say they want men to be honest, but many times, if a man is too provocatively straightforward with women about their sexual desires, interests and intentions, a good number of women cannot really handle it.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Addressing Gold Diggers, Attention Whores, Cock Teasers and Women who desire to be a "Baby Mama"

Note: This is reprinted from the Facebook page of Tim Alexander, screenwriter and director of Diary of a Tired Black Man; Reply was written by Book Author and Talk Radio Host Alan Roger Currie


Here's my take Tim:

Even though you still have some quality women out here in society, the percentage of them has DECREASED SIGNIFICANTLY from my mother's and grandmothers' generation.

More specifically, there are THREE (3) MAJOR GROUPS of women who have become more prominent in society over the last 15, 20, 25 years that has had a negative effect on male-female relationships:

1) The Gold Digger / Financial Favor Exploiter

These women are not looking for genuine male companionship, but rather, they are looking for men who will buy them materialistic gifts and offer to subsidize their desired lifestyle.

Who enables these women? Men who are looking to attract women, and impress women, with their six-figure or seven-figure salaries and their various material possessions.

Negative effects & repercussions: You end up having a lot of phony, disingenuous relationships between men and women that have ulterior motives and underlying agendas involved instead of any true love or profound emotional bonding.

2) The Attention Whore / Cock Teaser

This relates to the woman in your photo Tim, who put herself in a dangerous position on an escalator just to get attention. The Attention Whore is the woman who will do damn near anything for publicity and/or flattering attention; She will sacrifice or compromise her sense of self-respect and personal dignity just to get noticed.

The cock teaser is similar, but a little different. This is a woman who loves to dress provocatively and behave toward men in a sexually flirtatious manner just to see if she can get men sexually aroused, and motivate them to give her boat loads of flattering attention. The reality is, she has no plans on dating these men or having [casual] sex with these men. She just wants to get a rise out of them in order to gain egotistical satisfaction.

Who enables these women? Men who love to drool over and flirt with women simply because they are wearing something sexy or behaving in an erotically flirtatious manner. This is exactly why I am MODE ONE with women. My attitude is, if you're not offering to give me any punani, then don't flirt with me in a sexually provocative manner.

Negative effects & repercussions: This puts women in a position to be date raped and potentially stalked. At minimum, it causes men to lose respect for women, and develop a misogynistic attitude toward women who they eventually begin to refer to as "bitches" and "whores."

3) The Women who prefer to be a "Baby Mama" rather than a wife & mother

In the 21st Century, a lot of women no longer even pursue marriage as a dating & relationships goal or objective. The poster Scott Newman expressed many of my sentiments above.

Some women do not want a husband or kids, and then there are many other women who want children, but they do not really care to be married and build a two-parent family structure. Again, this was practically unheard of in my mother's and grandmothers' generation.

Who enables these women? For many of these types of women, they are self-enabled. You really can't put a significant percentage of blame on men for this category. Men do not really enable such behavior.

Negative effects & repercussions: The less households in society with a two-parent family structure, the more children are being brought up by either a single mom or a single dad, or a back-and-forth sharing of time with the kids between the two. Many daughters grow up not knowing what it means to respect a father figure, and many sons grow up looking at women as simply sex partners and baby makers.

If women don't have children period, then there is no one to carry on their DNA, their name and/or their legacy indefinitely.

All of these three categories is probably what motivated Tim to have to write, direct and produce a film entitled "Diary of a Tired Black Man," even though much of what I discuss here affects Caucasian men and women, Hispanic men and women and Asian men and women.

This generation of male-female relationships has changed dramatically, but not necessarily for the better.

My thoughts.

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