Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Alan Roger Currie Ends his Dating Advice Column on the

Alan Roger Currie, author of's top dating advice column, recently had many of his articles removed for being 'too risqué and sexually provocative.'  Currie argues that his articles never violated the website's nudity and pornography policies or's blatant profanity and X-rated language policies.  Currie's has been an freelance columnist since August 2009, and has attracted the most page views of any dating and relationships oriented columnist for the last three years.  Currie will look to share his dating advice on another online venue in the future

Censorship in any form has always been a hot topic of debate among those who have strong opinions on both sides of the issue. This is a sensitive issue particularly among men and women who earn their living as artists, book authors, entertainers, freelance columnists, journalists, and writers, public speakers, and talk radio personalities.

Recently, The - an online newspaper and magazine that invites and promotes what it refers to as 'citizen journalism'- removed many published online articles that were authored by the website's top dating advice columnist because the site deemed the articles as being 'too sexually provocative' in nature.

"This is unbelievably disappointing and frustrating for me," said Alan Roger Currie, who is the author of a number of books that center on helping men improve their interpersonal communication skills with women of interest. Currie has been a columnist on the since August 2009, and his dating advice column has been the most popular column on the website for approximately the last four years.

"It is one thing when you write an article, submit it for an online editor's review, and they come back and tell you, 'this cannot be published. Please adhere to the recommended and suggested edits below.' I can handle that. But when you approve my article, publish it, and then hours later, days later, weeks later, or months later, you go back and remove that article, that is totally uncalled for. Basically, I have been the victim of what is known as retroactive censorship," said Currie, who added that since he has no specific long-term contractual agreement with Clarity Media and/or Clarity Digital Group, he will probably just move on to other available freelance writing assignments on other online venues by the end of the year.

Currie said that starting with 2012, he has had as many as ten of his dating advice articles that were previously published on the website removed because the website conveyed to him that much of the content of his articles was too sexually suggestive and provocative which the company says lowers their quality ranking on

"When I first started writing articles for the, the editors told me that there were only a few things I needed to avoid: blatant profanity and XXX-rated language, unless I used dashes and asterisks; blatant photographic and/or video nudity; and direct URL links to websites that contain hardcore adult pornography. Other than that, they said I could write about whatever I wanted to write about. Well, I guess things have suddenly changed," added Currie, who recently had the first two installments of a three-part series on a polyamorous arrangement between men and women known as a 'Bull-Cuckold-Hotwife' relationship removed from the's website.

The's official response from the Content and Media Access department was, "We have not removed Mr. Currie's articles for moral reasons; The decision was made to remove some of Mr. Currie's articles in an attempt to rebuild the's quality rating with Google. Google had recently begun downgrading websites that focus too much on sex and adult content, so we felt the need to start removing such content from our website."

Currie is the author of a number of self-help books for men, including "Mode One: Let the Women Know What You're REALLY Thinking," "The Possibility of Sex: How Naive and Lustful Men are Manipulated by Women Regularly," and "Oooooh ... Say it Again: Mastering the Fine Art of Verbal Seduction and Aural Sex" (the audiobook versions of these titles can be found on or

Currie has also hosted an Adults Only podcast program entitled "The Erotic Conversationalist" and another dating advice oriented talk radio show entitled "Upfront & Straightforward with Alan Roger Currie"

More about Alan Roger Currie can be found on and

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